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Core Values

Core Values

At All Students Code, we strive to demonstrate and inspire the following professional values, both in our own work and in that of the students we serve:

  • Excellence:

All Students Code works to achieve excellence by advancing a culture of responsibility, accountability and sustainability as we continuously enhance both the quality of our program experience for the students we serve and the efficiency of our operations.

  • Teamwork:

All Students Code recognizes the value of teamwork among our students.

  • Respect:

All Students Code  respects, supports and encourages the diversity, talent, creativity, energy and dedication of our students , staffs and program providers.

  • Commitment:

All Students Code  is committed to impacting and engaging our students, staffs and program providers with meaningful, hands-on opportunities for personal and professional growth, and to positively impacting the students and communities we serve throughout Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

  • Innovation:

All Students Code demonstrates innovation  by providing new opportunities and experiences to students who participate in our coding programs, and by encouraging our teachers to develop, share and implement best practices .