Learn to Code, Code to Learn.


It is helpful to understand what we are trying to do and why we have taken this unique approach to get the most from our coding classes.

Our approach is to help you learn coding and do favor for yourself to improve in your way of thinking, solving mathematical problems, become innovative and develop the next big idea.We desire that you also start thinking about your future and prepare for business some day.

Even if you don’t think coding is cool (yet), read the story of the most successful people in the technology area , watch what they say. You will be surprised how interesting is. See our inspiration page.

Coding is as interesting as playing your favorite game and as interesting as you want to make it. At first, you may probably wonder how difficult it may be. It is exciting ,easy and fun.

You will find it more fun and rewarding. Coding is really fun, giving an instruction what your computer want to do for you. Once you learn the rules , you will love to do it every day.

As you think of coding, think about preparing for your future. Once you start thinking about your future, you will begin to take steps to prepare yourself.

Students Feedback.

  • “I enjoyed that I was able to create my own work of art. Yes I would gladly learn more about coding.”
  • “I like that we were able to do our own animation. It is mostly if you do it with a friend. Yes  Coding is something I want to do.”
  • “I thought the coding workshop was fun and  nice.”
  • “I love how all we did with code. Coding is probably the best thing ever!  I would love to continue it.”
  • “Programming is exciting. I want to continue with it.”
  • “I liked everything about coding. I think I will seek a career involving coding.”
  • “I like coding , it was fun and can I do more ?”
  • “I want to develop game on scratch, it is really great.”