Learn to Code, Code to Learn.

Weekend workshops

What is covered on the weekend?

  • Our workshop will provide the means by which anybody age 10 to 18 can learn how to code by using the famous visual programming language called Scratch.
    The workshop will teach game creation with the free Scratch language, We will go through all the basics of Scratch.
    This is a fast-paced, exciting workshop where students of ages 10 and above choose from a variety of challenges designed to introduce them to programming and build their skill set. Students can join at any time because the challenges are self-paced. There is No lectures; students learn by doing with the help of us.
    More than 2 million programs, many of which are interactive games, have been written and shared by young people using the Scratch language.
    Many primary and secondary schools have no formal programming instruction at any level, and evangelizing computational thinking and logical problem-solving is a major challenge. Scratch, a free educational tool from MIT, addresses this by framing computer programming as a curiosity-driven, arts-oriented, creative activity — in a “building block” environment which students and teachers can learn very easily.
  • Duration of class will be from 9 am to 6 pm.

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