Learn to Code, Code to Learn.


Thank you for visiting this section, as we feel it is important to communicate with parents to ensure that there is a clear understanding of what we are trying to accomplish and to help you play an important role in empowering your child to develop their coding skills.

All Students Code has the goal of providing safe, quality coding skills, business and career preparation; hopefully, in an enjoyable way.We believe your child must learn to code.

We are living in an era where we are becoming more dependent on the software running on our computing devices.

Let us give you an example:

Imagine your child’s smart phone’s computing power. It is at least a thousand times more powerful than the computers we had used to build the nuclear bomb, send a person to the moon, or launched the first satellite into orbit.That was 70 years ago. Now we live in an era where we are becoming ever more dependent on the software being run on computing devices — smart phones, tablets, iPods, desktops, gadgets, etc. Soon the new age workforce will be expected to have (and prioritized if they have) the ability to communicate with their computing device.

Coding is a language, and we believe that every student must take it up as their second language — because it develops their thinking skills, because it is becoming a necessity in the job market, and because it is the new frontier for entrepreneurship and creating businesses.

That’s one of the things coding will empowers your child with: the ability to tell, teach, and command their computing device to perform different functions.

Coding also builds mental faculties of critical, clear, and logical thinking. Your child will be required to break challenging problems into simpler ideas, organizing thoughts, finding solutions, and then writing precise and clear code to solve the problem.


Contact us for further information about our programs. We are always happy to hear your comment and improve our efforts over time.